From fintech to healthtech, films to dating: Nine new startups to look out for

Two of Egypt’s accelerators graduated a total of 25 startups through three cycles this past December. The American University in Cairo’s Venture Lab held demo days for both its regular startup cycle as well as its fintech accelerator, while Flat6Labs Cairo also introduced the latest startups from its accelerator to the local market.

Here are the nine startups that stood out:


Rology sets out to overcome the delay in reporting time at the radiology departments of small, medium and rural hospitals. The on-demand platform’s fast matchmaking algorithms remotely match radiologists with cases in different hospitals and offers an artificial intelligence Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) viewer.


Takestep looks at enhancing the recovery process of addicts through a patient-centric web and mobile platform. The tech-enabled tool connects the stakeholders of the process – namely the patients, guardians and treatment facilities – with one another, offering a faster and better control of the recovery.


Initially focusing on structuring operating systems and designing and coding system recovery solutions, Wire Microsystems is a generic software company that started in 2016. The company is currently in the process of patenting its first product XMACHINE, the world’s fastest integrated system recovery solution for Windows, capable of restoring the whole system within less than a second.


Harmonica is the first Egyptian matchmaking application that puts safety above everything else. Through a specialized algorithm and the consultation of numerous psychologists and relationship experts, the application asks users a set of questions and puts certain rules of interaction to ensure a smooth get-to-know process.


Dubbing itself as the Netflix of independent movies, Recommendator aims to offer a platform of movies that have not made the Blockbuster list. The website’s edge is that it recommends movies to its users according to the latter’s mood.


Marj3 takes its stab at education by helping students gain insights on scholarships, internships and university registrations and offering explanatory videos on how to best apply for each opportunity. The startup does not only focus on Egypt, but targets the MENA region as a whole.


Swift is working on bringing a prepaid card solution to the Egyptian market. It aspires to make these cards available at various points of sale, like kiosks and gas stations, through which users can top up their online wallet to pay for certain everyday services or products.


By encouraging customers to sell assets that they do not need, Liqwd captures the value of those assets and helps users exchange those old assets for new ones. In a nutshell, future purchases are paid for by current assets through an online wallet.


Targeting youth aged 16-21, 7aweshly helps users save up for the products they would like to purchase. The startup looks at this specific age bracket since that is the segment that is not included in the financial system, offering them a micro-saving solution.

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