It’s that time of the year again: The 9 startups to watch this season

Photo courtesy of AUC Venture Lab

Every six months,  the American University in Cairo’s (AUC) accelerator Venture Lab (V-Lab) and accelerator Flat6Labs Cairo graduate their respective startup cycles. As V-Lab brings two accelerator cycles to an end – one startup and one fintech-focused -, Business Forward showcases the nine startups to watch from a total of 21 startups from both entities.

An augmented reality mobile application that allows students to learn from real-life objects. Agora combines technology with different learning theories to offer an interactive learning platform where students can scan, select and explore any object.

A social riding mobile application that enables users to organize both on-demand and pre-planned car sharing within their social networks and geographical locations. The application connects users together and organizes their trip while giving them the opportunity to expand their social network.

3.Bio Life
Provider of an affordable alternative source of energy for sustainable rural development, by offering a biogas digester that is easily installed at homes and is cost- and energy-efficient.

An intelligent personal assistant platform that provides users access to all range of products and services through voice command and automatically processes user payments through a wallet. It continuously gathers data through machine learning for a more personalized experience.

A platform connecting individuals with licensed offices to issue governmental documents., minimizing time and effort for users while increasing the capacity of licensed governmental offices.

6.Finsoft Switch
A middleware between banks’ host and offline delivery channels (points-of-sale, e-commerce and mobile points-of-sale), supporting banks’ payment gateway system.

Providing the consumer with a wide range of FMCG high quality products using direct selling as an alternative trading channel. Brimore provides women in underserved areas with products (such as Oriflame) to resell to families in their area and expand their seller network.

Provider of ready-to-cook meals to customers’ doorsteps, with instructions on how to cook the readily measured quantities of ingredients.

With a catalogue of over 500 pieces of equipment, Scienup connects individual scientific researchers with the places that own the equipment the former needs in order to fulfill their research process.


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