AI, VR, fintech, the cloud: 9 Egyptian startups to watch this season

It is the startup season once again. Like every year, the last few months of the closing fiscal year host an array of demo days of Egypt’s different incubators and accelerators, graduating new cycles of startups and getting ready for the next one.

This time around, the startups that graduated from AUC Venture Lab, Flat6Labs Cairo, Startupbootcamp-Pride FinTech Cairo (SBC-Pride FinTech Cairo), MINT by EGBank and Falak Startups are leveraging global technologies by tapping into a variety of sectors, such as fintech, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and cloud-computing.

In this spirit, Business Forward compiled a list of the top startups to watch for this season.

Doctoorum (AUC V-Lab)

Doctoorum is an online marketplace for medical tourism activities, allowing customers to gain access to high-quality, affordable treatments across Egypt.

El Zatona (SBC-Pride FinTech Cairo)

El Zatona is a cloud-based platform that helps retailers, including merchants, manage and streamline their day-to-day operations using cloud solutions and a point-of-sale (POS) system.

Digified (Falak Startups)

Digified leverages on a machine learning technology (AI) and optical character recognition (OCR) software that makes Arabic documents searchable and editable. It works on extracting data from images and converting it into machine-encoded texts.

Illa (Flat6Labs Cairo)

Illa is a digital platform connecting retailers and distributers with truck drivers, under the framework of creating, controlling and developing the matchmaking process.

Youspital (SBC-Pride FinTech Cairo)

Youspital is a marketplace for discounted healthcare services, aiming to serve the uninsured.

El Laban (AUC V-Lab – Fintech Cycle)

El Laban is an agri-fintech platform that digitizes the dairy industry. It helps farmers get access to financial services to enhance their milking practices and cow care, while milk factories can assess the quality of produced milk.


Reshrimp (MINT by EGBank)

Reshrimp uses shrimp shells to produce chitosan, which is used in fertilizer and pesticide manufacturing.

VRapeutic (Flat6Labs Cairo)

VRapeutic uses a VR technology software as a therapeutic tool to help people with autism, ADHD and cerebral palsy practice social interaction and develop motor, cognitive and academic skills.

Slyd (AUC V-Lab – Fintech Cycle)

Slyd is a micro-mobility, electric scooter-sharing platform designed to facilitate transportation for short-distance trips (less than 5kilometers). The app allows the user to rent a scooter of their choice and to drop it off at the closest parking spot, paying the fare digitally.

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