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Businesses succeed by being able to create impact, and this happens when they are able to fully engage with and be attuned to the needs of the communities they work in. The 2022 edition of “This is how I moved my #BusinessForward” campaign engaged with the business community on how responsible business principles can be practiced and embedded in the day-to-day operations of companies whatever their size is. Beyond the literature, and on practical ground and in our local context, how is this done? We heard from companies working in our local market. The campaign was joined by four leading corporates : CIB Egypt, The Coca Cola Company, L’Oreal Egypt and Vodafone Egypt, who believed in the cause of the campaign to raise this needed awareness and joined our call as partners inviting the business community to share their practices.

Participate in the campaign “This is how I moved my #BusinessForward” responsible business edition and showcase how your business is moving forward by responding to societal and environmental priorities.

Read the campaign guidelines here.

Read the campaign guidelines here.

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Jury-selected companies for best practices in responsible business:


The sustainable furniture company MùBun explains how they moved their #BusinessForward by implementing sustainable solutions for environmental challenges through transforming scrap waste into bespoke pieces of furniture. Find out more in the video.


The leading Egypt-based food manufacturer, Juhayna is firmly committed to align with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, reflecting on managing their own water and energy consumption, and on their engagement with the community addressing gender, diversity, environmental, entrepreneurship and health issues, while moving their #BusinessForward. Find out more in the video.

Egyptian German Co. (EGIC)

The Egyptian German Co. (EGIC) has three corporate responsibility arms, one serving the community through targeted interventions in poor villages, another building the capacity and improving conditions for workers in the plumbing sector in which the company operates, and the third providing restorative solutions to those who face common workplace accidents in the plumbing sector and beyond. Find out more in the video.

Samsung Electronics Egypt

Believing in empowering young generations in Egypt, Samsung Electronics invests in its Innovation Campus making it a digital learning hub training Egyptian youth on the languages of the future like coding and programming, enhancing human capacity in their sector and moving their #BusinessForward. Find out more from Moussa Georgy, senior CSR manager for Samsung Electronics Egypt in the video.

Most-voted for inspiring models for responsible business:


NACH camp is a startup that provides an environmental solution to pollution. It uses low-tech methods in its production to reduce air pollution, and through camps in schools and nurseries, it teaches children how to reduce plastic waste by recycling and producing eco-friendly products made from plastic waste, moving their #BusinessForward. Find out more in the video.


The Cairo-based sustainable fashion brand Up-fuse introduces sustainable fashion products that are 100 percent made of recycled material, while creating job opportunities for women as well as mechanics, and moving their #BusinessForward. Find out more from Up-Fuse’s cofounder, Yara Yassin, in the video.

Peacock Sustainable Designs

Peacock redefines waste into resources. Through engaging with local communities and creating house decor items out of wasted palm leaves, the company moved their #BusinessForward. Find out more from the founder, Dahlia Saleh, in the video.

Storytelling is the most powerful tool to communicate a concept. Because every business has a story, Business Forward launched the campaign: “This is how I moved my #BusinessForward”. This digital campaign is an invitation for business leaders to share their learnings and reflections after a year of navigating an unprecedented global pandemic. The most voted for entries will be celebrated in Business Forward’s annual event. Deadline for submitting the entry form: November 29, 2020

It’s time for Business Forward’s prestigious annual event, bringing industry leaders and professionals together with the School’s network, in a compelling exchange of ideas, experiences, and stories, taking stock of a full year of economic activities and providing foresight for moving the economy forward. This year, our theme is ‘Enter 2021: Egypt’s coexistence with a global pandemic’ and we celebrate the campaign ‘This is how I moved my #BusinessForward’.

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