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It is only relatively recently that Egypt potential as a regional tech hub has been recognized. From […]
Saving the environment, building back better, corporate social responsibility, are all examples of buzzwords that have been […]
Supporting and partnering on the AUC School of Business campaign “This is how I moved my #BusinessForward”, […]

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The IMF has long been scrutinized for prioritizing macroeconomic reform over inclusive development that is felt across […]

Egypt’s stock market got a major boost in 2021

Egypt’s economic integration with rest of Africa: Breakthroughs and missed opportunities

New edition of the campaign “This is how I moved my #BusinessForward” dedicated to responsible business

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A day in the life of a busy working woman, a stressed stay-at-home mom, a young lady […]
On a long-awaited beach vacation, a regular person would be looking forward to spending exotic time snorkeling, […]
As the impact of climate change increases across the planet, sustainability has become a significant concern across […]

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““My biggest bet for being optimistic is the most important project being undertaken in Egypt, Hayah Karima,” […]
“It’s important for the government to identify the sectors in which their involvement is needed for strategic […]
“Our growth rate recently is mainly triggered by public investment, which is largely generating jobs in sectors […]

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